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Friday, January 5

Whose side are you... oh, just kill me already!

In anticipation of the coming war; the resurrection of a stupid idea that's past it's sell by date:

Many knew this day would come, but no-one would have believed the consequences. Prepare for the blogosphere to be torn apart, as the world finds out, who is the True King of Awesome?



A Man in a Plaid Shirt

You decide...

I'm going to be banned from the internet forever because of this (and for using the word blogosphere) aren't I?


  • At Mon Jan 08, 10:16:00 pm 2007, Blogger Hunter McEvoy said…


    I'm with the roundheads.

    Goddamn aristocracy.

  • At Tue Jan 09, 08:09:00 pm 2007, Blogger jonni said…

    HUURH!!! What is it good for?

    You wouldn't believe how well that goes down in the City Arms in Pre-Christmas/Party atmosphere...

    Yo H! How's it hanging? Long time etc.

    Still spouting the same Trotskyite doggrel I see ;D

  • At Fri Jan 12, 10:50:00 pm 2007, Blogger Hunter McEvoy said…

    I prefer Marxist-Leninist, because that is so much harder to stop spelling.

    Hope things are good with you. Me and Mike will soon be making a triumphant return to the intershitz. Keep an eye out ; I've got a post a-brewing on the Golden Age Superman and the plight of the Workin' Man that is going to first blow your mind and then give you the shits


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