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Wednesday, November 15

Four Things I Hate About Memes

  1. I can never think of any bastard answers.
  2. I do have other things to do with my time.
  3. Er...
  4. That's it.
No thanks to Mick on this:

a) Four jobs I have had in my life:
Sales Assistant in the Co-Op, Door to Door double glazing "agent" - including the one time we were walking 'round Bedford, and I had to knock on the one house in the street whose windows were all boarded. Seriously, you should have the look on the guy's face as I asked him if he'd ever considered replacing his window's. Spock couldn't have done a better raised eyebrow type look. Also Landscape Gardening Labourer (best. job. ever...) and currently Technical Analyst (my, that's a poncey job title - yeah if only it came with a similarly poncey pay packet.)

b) Four movies I would (have) watch(ed) over and over again:
Star Wars - no brainer really. This one summer, me and my mate Jim did virtually nothing but cycle round the village, go round each others houses, play computer games and watch the Star Wars and Return of the Jedi.
Akira - little did I know my teenage brain was about to blown into a series of pieces which I would never again be able to put back together.
For university, I was gonna say The Rock, but then that was mostly Ben anyway, and then I realised it was Fight Club, which I'm just going to let stand on its own.
And finally Super Troopers, 'cos it's just dumb and funny.

c) Four places I have lived:
Cardiff, Bletsoe and Sharnbrook - that's it. There is no four. Seriously, who comes up with these things?

d) Four TV shows I like to watch:
heheheh "I like to watch"...

15 Storeys High, QI, Justice League Unlimited and currently, The State Within - even though I keep missing huge chunks of it, making it difficult to figure exactly what the hell is going on!

e) Four places I have visited:
Spain and, umm the Gower (one of the most beautiful places on Earth)

f) Four websites I visit daily:
Warren Ellis, if you can find a better digest of what' s happening on the web, and in the world, RIGHT NOW! - then let me know. In the meantime there's this.
The ISB - prepare to have to have your mind blown, on an almost daily basis. Also bearfighting, head-kicking, and OMAC.
Myspace - yes, it is very crap, and it is very very ugly, but it is actually one of the best places to seek out and discover new music.
The BBC website - for various reasons, news, recipes, local information, listings etc., and because it is quite possibly the best website ever. In fact, it's the perfect example of the BBC actually fulfilling their remit.

g) Four places I would like to be right now:
Well, I'm not at work - so that's one right there.
At home visiting the folks.
Downstairs in the kitchen making some coffee.
And if I was a bit more awake and dressed, either outside taking photos somewhere, or doing something creative

h) Four of my favourite foods:
Yorkshire Pudding (ah, but of course it comes with a delicious roast beef sunday lunch with a nice glass of red wine).
Steak - medium rare for preference.
Italian - you know pasta and shit.
Curry - at times I am an simple man.

i) Four bloggers I'd like to respond:
Hunter - if he ever gets down to doing another entry, Dan's already done it..., ummm - Spence if he reads this, and YOU...

(ha! see what I did on that last one?)


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