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Sunday, October 22

"Beware my power"

Dear Internet*, firstly let me apologise for not having posted for so long, and while I know that no excuse will ever be good enough, I do have my reasons.

Firstly, my decision to do a series of Green Lantern related posts - in reflection, it would be best to perhaps decide on what the actual content of each of those posts was going to be before you start?

Secondly, I have been away to see the folks, which did kinda leave me unable to do anything. However I did take a whole new buncha pictures (and, on a related note, I have apparently reached the 200 photo limit you get with a free flickr account - leaving me in a quandary; do I a) delete a whole load of photos so that I can upload more, b) upgrade to a Pro account, or c) just setup a new account?).

And, it's not like it hasn't been frustrating, missing out on photoshop memes, from the likes of Brandon, and having a whole stack of material that I actually want to post about, knowing that I can't until I've finished the Green Lantern stuff...

Anyway - onto GL post number four (of five - remember to collect the set kiddies!).

Having racked my brains trying to provide original content about Green Lantern, I eventually gave up and decided to just provide a bunch of Green Lantern videos from YouTube.

Originally sparked off by a thought I had about why there hasn't yet been a GL movie, and whether or not that would actually work, or if would just be better as a cartoon (a la JLU and Super-Friends), I decided to see what people had put up on YouTube in the way of Green Lantern type material.

And the answer is? Not a lost (and hands up if you just heard that in a Paul Daniels type voice).

Aside from the usual load of edited JLU footage set to, oh I dunno, whatever the kids are listening to these days (a load of horrible noise mostly - what's wrong with bands like Coil, Throbbing Gristle, Whitehouse, and Gindrinker?), there's nothing much out there. Which, I have to admit, is a bit disappointing, if not downright disheartening.

Seriously, people of the internet! What's wrong with you? Why aren't more of you dressing up as Green Lantern and making fan movies?!?!? Do you really have something better you could be doing with your time?

Soooo, here's the cream of what I found;

First off, here's what a Green Lantern trailer could look like, if you can imagine Hugh Jackman as Hal Jordan. And for mostly edited movie footage, it's not half bad.

Then there's this spoof video, which is relatively, funny first time round, but not by much.

I did find another similar type thing on Google Vids, but no. So here's a method for dealing with Hal Jordan that'll be familiar to Absorbascon readers:

And finally, here's the lantern procession from this year's Green Man festival - oh wait, I see what you've done there YouTube...

Interestingly, both my friends Spencer McGuigan and Kirsten were apparently in this (I'd had to leave to go to stupid work by this point) and I can completely imagine that, and it makes me smile.

Right, that's it for now. I'll probably see you in another couple of month's time, to finish all this off.

*and, yes, when I say "Internet", I mean just the five or so people that read this...