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Sunday, September 10

"That's odd, there's only supposed to be one in the pack..."

Another day, another Photoshop challenge, this week from Douglas over at 52 Pickup, who's challenged his readers to "design a card for a Rider-Waite-style tarot deck whose image is an unaltered panel, or fragment of a panel, from a DC comic."

Having thus set my brain sparking on the possibilities of what to do (Batman as Justice, Superman as Strength etc.), and after doing a little bit of research (i.e. five minutes pissing around on wikipedia), I decided to follow up on yesterday's post, well, the bit about JLU #25.

That's right, in an amazing leap of creativity, originality and deductive reasoning, I decided to do Blue Devil as the fifteenth card in the Major Arcana, El Diablo (who I could also have done from this week's Jonah Hex if I'd thought about it a bit more...).

ps. A genuine No-Prize will be awarded to the first person to correctly place the quote in the title...


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