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Thursday, August 31

Environmentalist Comic Book Geeks of the World Unite!

I bought this album today:

I like it a lot. I probably like it a lot more than could be considered good for me. It is the aural definition of fucking awesome.

Anyway, I was browsing through Tescos earlier, leafing throught The Independent, wondering whether to buy it or not (I didn't, I'd already bought The Wire and Viz earlier) when I noticed that the main article was about a bunch of environmentalist protesting against a power station in Yorkshire called Drax. And, not only that, but that also some wag had nicknamed it "Drax the Destroyer", after well, Drax the Destroyer.

This, kinda blew my mind for a few seconds. Not only is there a power station called Drax, there's also the fact that everyone agreed to go along with the (admittedly awesome) suggestion from the Marvel Zombie in the corner. Genius!

As a postscript, if you visit the BBC's coverage of the story, you can watch a video of "lively protests at Drax power station". Wonder if that means it involves swearing?

Tuesday, August 29

Dial "M" for "Metafiction"

What is wrong with me? I've an idea. Why don't I join in with something that's bound to cause my arm to cramp, and my eyes to bleed?!?! Just to bring the funny!?! (And, trust me, it's better than my original idea).

This blog would have been impossible without the work of SpeedSpeedSpeed and Hydronaut.

Monday, August 28

I have often walked, down this street before.

Bank Holiday Monday! And so, with nothing better to do, I took to the back alleys of Pontcanna, armed only with my camera, my walkman and a selection of ambient CDs.

And, as I'm taking these photos

I began thinking about how each of the little tags of graffiti

were like little magical sigils, protecting against evil

and then, in a weird act of synchronicity, as I'm loading them onto my computer - I stumble across this article, which is kinda riffing on the same themes, but in a much more poncey manner.

But remember kids, graffiti is vandalism, and is not condoned by the HVSD in any way.

Except for this:

Sunday, August 27

Phun with photoshop

Can you really believe this took me ages?
No, me either...

God I'm bored.

Saturday, August 26

Not so Secret Origins

Erik was a simple record store clerk when the bombs fell.

Suddenly flung into a
Post-Apocalyptic Warzone, he found he had no option but to fight for the future of Punk Rock, when Neo-Nazi Skinhead Disco Mutants began taking over the underground club scene.

Grievously wounded in a moshpit frenzy, Erik's life was saved by the mysterious
Dr Clock, who, using his patented method of arcane magicks and radical tecknologies, fused wonderful and bizarre cybernetic implants onto Erik's body, granting him abilities far beyond those of ordinary punks.

Thus rejuvenated, Erik continued to fight for, "like, whatever, y'know?", through the power of his new band - Super M.O.H.A.W.K. Crocodile Avenger Force 9! Who've had a couple of gigs on the local scene, and are currently putting together a demo to sell at their shows and stuff. You should totally check them out man, they're pretty awesome. They supported Die Tödliche Eismädchen that one time at Club Embargo...

For Brandon, and yes, I know, it's kinda riffing on The Creeper's origin, but I don't care. Ditko can sue me, I always liked Giffen's take on it anyway.

Monday, August 21

Here we go again...

Never wishing to miss out on anything:

And also this, which I defy anyone, ANYONE, to not watch and suddenly find themselves laughing out loud, or at least smiling.

I did have proper content planned, but ran out of time... honest.

Wednesday, August 16

It's only going to get worse...

Bollocks! Mind you, I'm probably a few months from getting anything together myself, and it's kinda comforting to know that there's thousands of people out there who'd really rather be doing something else.

Yeah, I might have had a shit day at work - so now my head currently sounds like this -

Still, Green Man on the weekend!

Monday, August 14

The Ironing Is Delicious

Sorry, a bit late I know - but I've only just realised the irony of having a comic where Cable and Deadpool are the main characters...

Saturday, August 12

Saturday Night's Alright Like

Yeah - it's a Saturday evening, so in a bit I'll be chilling back, and relaxin' with some TV, a beer and a take-away (maybe chinese...) - so just thought I'd through out some links to some stuff that's taken my interest recently.

First off,
Rocket Pirates from the one Warren Ellis - a new web collective dedicated for new webcomics offering up its services for free. At first when I read this I was interested, but then remembered my complete lack of drawing ability (kinda like how I really want to form a rock band, but can't due to my complete lack of musical ability - well, exactly like) and it slipped outta my head. A couple of days later my mate Al emailed me about it, basically saying, "You bastard! Why didn't you tell me about this? We should do this!" So, I sat there in work thinking about it, and a couple of hours later, I'd filled several pages of a brand new notebook with thoughts and ideas of how to do this, including how to get over the non-drawing thing and a title for "The Project" (that's not the title by the way, that's just me being pretentious). Anyway, I hope it gets your brain firing as much as it did mine (seriously, besides that I got sooo much else done that day - it was like creativity through osmosis).

Secondly, a couple of news articles on the BBC News website that caught my eye:
  1. This one on reverse evolutionary genetic engineering on mice that really doesn't make any sense; viz. "It gives a real example of how evolution works because we can reverse it", ummmmm how? No, really - you fucking what?!? Also, shouldn't genetic engineering, and indeed evolution, be about progression and advancement? And, couldn't the BBC find a better picture of a mouse than one that looks like it's been half flattened by a truck?
  2. And this one about gamers being able to create and control environments and scenarios in an online RPG, which while I think about it sounds awfully familiar...

Will someone remind me to read this wikipedia article on the German Resistance in World War II, because I don't have the time right now, and I'm bound to forget by tomorrow.

And finally, now that I've bought myself a digital camera - does this mean I now have to setup a flickr account?

tara fer now.

Friday, August 4

In sunken Apokolips, Darkseid lies dreaming.

Having a rather wandering imagination (and clearly too much time on my hands, and an apathy towards doing anything work related today), I often find my mind keeps going back to the same hypothetical question.

Who would win in a fight between HP Lovecraft's Elder Gods and Jack Kirby's New Gods?

See what I did there? See how clever I am - because it's like new versus old?

The problem now though, is that I've been twisting it round in my head for so long, that I'd actually like to see it happen. So much so in fact, that I'm half tempted to write it as fan-fiction - and that's just plain wrong.

I've almost got the beginning worked out too, where, in his eternal search for the Anti-Life Equation, Darkseid finds the Necronomicon (as transcribed by the Mad Arab Abdul Alhazred) and proceeds to summon the Old Ones (yeah, I know - actual big difference between the Elder Gods and the Old Ones...). And thus begins an epic struggle as the New Gods of New Genesis struggle to save the Fourth World from the crawling metaphysical horror from beyond space that is Azathoth - the Blind Idiot God (and all the others with far too many n's, p's, r's and th's than should be contained in one word).

Who will win?




You decide...