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Thursday, July 27

This is the news!

Gleefully stolen from Mick's Secret Identity (cheers fella!) -

'What" will your obituary say?' at QuizGalaxy.com

and bizarrely accurate...

Saturday, July 22

A Brief History of Time(lords)

See, this is why I love having a laptop and wireless internet - surfing the intarwub while watching The 'burbs - thus being able to blog and watch a fantastic movie (is that Corey Feldman?). Because, when that thought you had while vaguely drunk and watching the penultimate episode of the last series of Doctor Who pops back into your head, you can tell people about it - in the hope that they might be interested (that, and search for a pizza dough recipe)...

So, anyway - the second before last episode of Doctor Who, where
Russell T. Davies, keeps ramping up the tension - until that sudden suprise climatic release at the end (YES! YES! THIS IS WHAT I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR!!! - "It's like Stephen Hawkings against the speaking clock.")


Yeah, the episode that finally introduces
Torchwood in all it's glory (and, yes, I know we'd seen it before - but this is the one where it's all finally explained etc.) - and, in my slightly inebriated state, this got me thinking about something I'd said a few days earlier to a couple of mates while watching a bunch of old Dr Who episodes;

"How come Torchwood has never bumped into

Now, I know the real reason, Torchwood was ultra secret, and only answered to one government, while UNIT was a United Nations taskforce openly attached to the military, and both had very different agendas. But still, in all that time that the Pertwee Doctor was messing around on Earth with
The Brigadier, they never thought to try and at least contact the Doctor, who was considered to be their mortal enemy?

Mind you, who's to say that they hadn't? It doesn't take much of a stretch of the imagination to consider the idea that Torchwood sneaked a double agent into UNIT's ranks, or, as my mate
Paul pointed out, that they were sneaking around in the background pouring over the remains of a robotic yeti, or the corpse of a Zygon.

Yet, the idea that two relatively secret organisations dedicated to fighting
threats from outer space, had never even bumped into each other still rankled.

And then it hit me (four pints in remember?) - the reason the Doctor (and subsequently UNIT) had never met before was that, until the Tennant Doctor went back and met Queen Victoria and fought the Werewolf, Torchwood had neverf existed! Of course, this all depends on the concept of
subjective time. According to the Doctor's subjective timeline, the circumstances surrounding Torchwood's creation did not occur until the Tenth Doctor went and created them, so the Doctor had never bumped into Torchwood before, because it wouldn't have been possible to.

(This all made perfect sense at the time - did I mention I'd been drinking?)

Then I remembered that
time is also a constant and I realised I was back at the start, and that I'd gotten absolutely nowhere. (And that, in fact, I'd created a sort of paradox for myself).

Then I read
this and my brain began to melt.

The moral of this then? Fuck knows. Probably something like, stay in school and
treat your mother right.

And, yes - stuff actually on comics tomorrow probably...

Sunday, July 9

And so it begins... (or, justify your existence)

You know, I often get asked by people how I, a twenty-something male, can still be reading and buying comics on weekly basis. And you know, I really have no answer to that. Nor can I answer why I spend vast quantities of my time reading about comics on the internet.

Let's just take it as read that I do. And that I spend a similar amount of time (and money) on music, and that these are pretty much the main twin loves of my life (weirdly, films used to figure quite highly in that list too - wonder what happened there).

Now it stands to reason that, being an intelligent young man, I might have formed opinions about said forms of entertainment.

Oh yes I have.

And do I wish to inflict them upon the internet, like every other fucker?

Oh yes I do.

And that's what leads us here, where, having read and admired the content of internet comic blog giants like Chris Sims, Mike Sterling, Kevin Church, Dave Campbell, Devon Sanders and Scipio, I felt the burning desire to add my voice to the maddening crowd.

But why now? Why not earlier? Why not during the heady days of Infinite Crisis, or House of M, when the world and his mother was spouting off?

That I also don't know, apart from the fact that I didn't really have anything to say or add back then. Or maybe I just couldn't be arsed. Or maybe I just couldn't think up a name for the blog (and believe me, this title was the best I could come up with). Or maybe I just hadn't been bitten by the blog bug.

See, much like everyone else I've signed up to MySpace (yeah, I know - don't lecture me, I originally did it to look at my mate's pictures, and mostly use it for music - okay? like it's supposed to be?) and it's there that I developed a taste for blogging (and it was while listening to Aswad that I developed a taste for bogling). And I have to admit that there was something liberating about just writing down my feelings and thoughts about stuff (God that sounds pathetically emo).

However, there was one thing that I refused to let myself blog about - Comics (mostly because I didn't want people to reailse how geeky I could be, which, now I think about it just sounds stupid). So I thought I'd wait until I had a proper grown-up blog until I did that (yeeeeaaaah, because that makes perfect sense).

And this is it. For better or worse. For no good reason. But mostly for the hell of it. And for the fact that I can't access MySpace from work...